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Difference Between Horizontal And Vertical Log Splitter

There is a buzz in the people about this both horizontal and vertical log splitter. People have confused between both of them that which one they should consider for wood splitting. These both have their different specifications and advantages. So, before considering any of these splitters, you must have to know the difference between these types of the best log splitters. If you don’t know about the differences among the horizontal and vertical log splitter, then come with me to know about best log splitter reviews.

Horizontal Log Splitter: Horizontal log splitters are an ideal option for splitting the small logs. It intends to meet the entire requirements of the log splitting. It also allows you to place wooden logs on the cart without bending them that can easily split into the pieces for your use. Instead of this, there are several dual –action log splitters are available that can add more convenience in cutting the wooden logs. Moreover, it also has several disadvantages including this type of the log splitter never allow you to revolve a substantial round of wood on top of the log splitter. This horizontal log splitter has the capability to tear the hundred of the wooden logs.



  • The motor of the horizontal log splitter comes with the 3.5 HP and 2200 watts of some model.
  • It never releases fumes and worked quietly.
  • Some of the models also never require air compressor as well.
  • It is also very easy to use, so you don’t need to have any experience to use this.

Vertical Log Splitter: Vertical log splitter intends to rip numeral logs without having stress about lifting the logs. These types of the log splitter hold a plate that placed on the bottom of the splitter and the splitting wedge is the ram itself. It is unbeatable to split the large size and rounded pieces of the log. The base of this log splitter is flat, so it allows you to roll the logs without lifting. It delivers precise size of the pieces of woods that can effectively meet your requirements. The most amazing fact about this log splitter is that it can handle a bulk of the heavy logs without taking your energy to lift it. As the horizontal, vertical log splitter also has some drawbacks. One of the most notable drawbacks of this log splitter is that it cut the logs evenly, so it never easily tears the logs in the half.



  • It has enhanced fuel economy and also delivers less noise operation.
  • It constructed with the throttle control system that used to enhance the life of the engine of the log splitter.
  • Easy to use operation.

By reading this article, you may come to know the difference of the horizontal and vertical log splitter. If you also want to purchase a log splitter for you, then you can check this website for more details about log splitter.

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